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Bay Area Book Festival Podcast

Jul 27, 2023

V, interviewed by Deirdre English

Perhaps you're most familiar with V as the Tony Award-winning playwright (often under her former name Eve Ensler) of groundbreaking works. Or maybe you've been inspired by V's global activist movement, launched with the very first "V Day" on February 14, 1998, that creates safe,...

Jul 20, 2023

Dacher Keltner, interviewed by Shawn Taylor

How do we begin to quantify the goose bumps we feel when we see the Grand Canyon, or the utter amazement when we watch a child walk for the first time? How do we give words the wonder we feel while gazing at centuries-old works of art? Dacher Keltner, one of the world’s...

Jul 13, 2023

Keenan Norris, Pilar Quintana, and Margaret Verble, moderated by Ethel Rohan

It's undeniable that we were all once children, but that doesn’t mean it's child's play for writers to center the voice and perspective of a child or teen without veering into oversimplification or preciousness. In this craft-focused...

Jul 6, 2023

Akil Kumarasamy, Josh Riedel, Allie Rowbottom, Nina Schuyler, and Colin Winnette, moderated by Noah Stern

The authors in this session aren't afraid to use their fiction to contend with the looming future of tech, but their new novels, like so much timeless fiction, are really about the pricelessness of human connection....